Building Momentum In Life

Building Momentum In Life

A friend asked if I would share my thoughts on momentum.

What is momentum?

Momentum: the impetus gained by a moving object. Impetus is the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly.

Momentum is less about the actions taken and more about the results after the tipping point.

You could say momentum starts when collective force overcomes resistance and causes speed.

What does momentum give us?

Force has a way of pushing through problems that otherwise would slow you down.

You have the mass of everything accomplished pushing you forward.

Momentum gives a break, but it takes away control.

How to build momentum?

Gather mass, plan your direction, and adjust the speed.

In life, you can't always plan when the hills and valleys show up. So you have to control what is in your power; mass, direction, and speed.


How do we cram as much mass as possible into ourselves?

We have to become dense, space needs to be filled and that space has to stay filled even when we're not in control.

Imagine there are different compartments inside each of us. These compartments represent responsibilities and opportunities.

Productivity fills the compartments. Ideally, you'd work and fill each of these compartments.

Then when the next wave of productivity comes, it would sweep across and top up each compartment. The leftovers from the wave of productivity would signify momentum.

Unfortunately, most people don't work like that. We move our effort from each compartment and don't leave a reserve to kickstart momentum.


A key component of momentum is you don't have to keep pushing. You can try, but momentum is in control.

It's more important to steer rather than keep pushing the gas pedal.

Maintaining focus and vision preserves momentum. Seeking hills to climb to new highs and valleys to pick up speed when needed.


Timing of speed is most important. The efficiency of effort determines of far you can go.

If you're massive, you can't go fast quickly. If you're lite, you shouldn't go slow.

Adjust your speed per your abilities and position.

Final Thoughts

Momentum in business and life is very important. The longer under momentum's force, the harder it is to maintain.

A careful balance of applying force when needed and learning to coast is a lifelong lesson.

Written by Cody Tucker

Eternal optimist, thinking my way through life, sharing confusing and sometimes helpful thoughts. Wanna go deeper? Join the Convo


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