The Secret Power

The Secret Power

A young person starts down their path. The way is hard. No one corrects, only punishes. Everyone seems to understand, but no one can explain.

The young person is more aware of their shortcomings and seeks power to overcome them. The light shows their weakness. They must act in secret. The cover of darkness is their refuge.

Secret power is their weapon. Power formed in darkness becomes corrupt. They know more than most. Nobody understands. People want to throw back the cover of darkness and destroy their “power.” The young person becomes jaded. This fight has cost them their youth.

The adult has responsibilities now, needing value at any cost. They force themselves through the world, hurting, staying strong for appearance’s sake. Victories come and go. Time stacks up against them.

One day is different. They find something that gives them meaning. It’s incomplete. But more than they deserve. It has to be theirs, so they use the secret power. The dust finally settles. There is nothing left.

The future they planned, far away from the pain. That future is dead. They have to begin again. They agree the secret power must die. It’s become a weakness. Maybe the shame and punishment from their youth were correct. That must be what they need. It can never happen again.

After time to heal, they feel different. The fog of the world is clearing. People pass them by without a word. Frozen in time, they hope someone will share their power. Unable to move, unable to hide, instead choosing to study past encounters. They search themselves to no avail.

Living in the light casts an inescapable shadow. Darkness now is an ever-present reminder of shortcomings. Old refuges become hidden landmines. Now the secret power turns to inward shame. Shame becomes a fast friend. Shame guides them as they start to wade through life.

They hear of a great treasure hidden in the East, an ancient artifact that explains the mysteries of life. Power tells them to go. Shame demands purity before starting the journey. Control of their life is up for grabs.

Discussion for an uneasy alliance between power and shame begins. A whirlwind of thoughts rages. Power un-checked destroys. Shame un-managed accuses and dilutes to nothing.

Wisdom suggests everything in moderation and character tempers Intelligence. Shame becomes self-discipline. Power becomes un-corrupt.

Written by Cody Tucker

Eternal optimist, thinking my way through life, sharing confusing and sometimes helpful thoughts. Wanna go deeper? Join the Convo


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