TMV's Rebranding Write-Up

Today is the launch of our new website!

GOODBYE WORDPRESS - We've gone JAMstack!

We've heard it from clients, WordPress is clunky.

They were right, but I wanted to test other options on my dime.

After researching and looking at web dev standards across industries, JAMstack beats all modern options.

JAM: Javascript, API & Markdown. JAMstack is creating a Javascript front-end and populating markdown content via API from a Headless CMS.
Why: JAMstack sites are crazy fast, secure, and don't rely on 3rd party apps or plugins for style or functionality.
How: Since we don't need 3rd party code, full control and customizability is in the hands of the dev. We design the site first and then pipe in content as needed. Function meet form.

For the Nerds

I went with NextJS for the front-end and styling with Tailwind CSS. Sanity CMS runs the back-end. MongoDB stores incoming leads. I use the mongo id to connect users with web traffic.

Written by Cody Tucker

Eternal optimist, thinking my way through life, sharing confusing and sometimes helpful thoughts. Wanna go deeper? Join the Convo


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